World Press Freedom Day statement


Bryan Cantley

On World Press Freedom Day 2007 the Commonwealth Journalists association would like to pay tribute to the work being done by the Rural Media Network (RMNP) for rural journalists in Pakistan.

Life, and death, is very real for journalists working in Pakistan as the numerous reports by media watch organisations from there indicate. But too seldom do such reports show the disproportionate weight being carried by rural reporters and editors.

The Rural Media Network is doing much in the Pakistan countryside to show working journalists what they can do, to teach them the skills they can use to do their work safely, and to stand up for them in public forums.

CJA also is aware of the strenuous attempts being made by RMNP and Sadiq News to publish in the local language and applauds this effort to bring the media closer to the people.

We look forward to seeing another year of close co-operation with the Rural Media Network Pakistan.

Bryan Cantley
Executive Director
Commonwealth Journalists Association


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