International Press Institute praises CJA Pakistan

ipi         By Patricia  Parkel Executive Director commonwealth Journalists Association

World Press Freedom Day brought praise for Pakistan journalists working in what has been rated as the deadliest country for the profession.

“We know how difficult and challenging it is to practice journalism in Pakistan,” said International Press Institute director Alison McKenzie.

“For years, IPI has monitored the endless attacks against journalists and media houses.”

“We have reported on the horrific murders of brave journalists who dared to uncover facts and reveal information of immense public interest.”

McKenzie singled out the Rural Media Network of Pakistan, headed by CJA member Ehsan Ahmed Sehar, as an example of the courage of rural journalists in Pakistan.

“It is your courage that keeps Pakistan’s democracy alive; it is your courage that allows the world to know about the wrongdoings of powerful individuals in the country, and government’s failure to address them,” McKenzie said today.

“It shows us every day how important our efforts to protect press freedom in Pakistan and around the globe are. It gives sense to the work we do.”

IPI has formed a Pakistan National Committee, which includes support from the Rural Media Network of Pakistan. McKenzie said the goal of the National Committee is to strengthen IPI’s work in South Asia and restore the fundamental rights of journalists in Pakistan.

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