“Greetings from Canada, in recognition of World Press Freedom Day on May 3 2020.

The work of RMNP initially caught my attention because I started my own reporting career in a rural area. I know from that experience how vital it is to communities outside the urban centres to have independent, trustworthy news reporters who are able to do their work without fear or favour.


The more I learned about the hurdles facing journalists and media workers in Pakistan – from working conditions and training to physical safety – the more my admiration for these brave journalist and the work of RMNP grew. I’ve watched with hope and pleasure as training programmes have taught safety of journalism, heightened professionalism, and supported women journalists.


Journalism is under attack on a distressing number of fronts, from economic pressure to deliberate and damaging misinformation campaigns to the new threats associated with the corona virus pandemic. Yet communities and the public still need and seek out reliable, relevant news and information.


I’ve been fortunate to assist in a small way with providing journalism training and promoting professional standards, and believe those are important steps in establishing credibility and building respect for journalists. On World Press Freedom Day, we recognize journalists for their dedication and hard work, and recognize as well our own part in ensuring journalists have the training, protections and safety to do their job.”


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Patricia Parkel

Former Executive Director

Commonwealth Journalists Association

Editor  & Journalist

Working in Journalism Standards

Toronto, Canada


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