Police visit journalist house to arrest hardcore criminal

no img fb 90ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police on Friday visited home of a The News journalist in search of a hardcore criminal. The journalist is a senior member of The News investigation team.
Showing the picture of a 50 years plus person with beard on his face, the Aabpara Police of Islamabad informed the members of the journalist’s family that this person is a hardcore criminal and living in this home of Sector G-6/2, Islamabad. The police arrived at The News journo’s home at 3:10pm on December 21. It is pertinent to mention here that security cameras are installed at the entry point of the street.
The police said they have come to arrest this person. When the members of the family responded that they have been living in this house for the last two years and no such person lives in this home, the police insisted that this hardcore criminal lives in this house and the police have confirmed information about this fact.
According to the members of the family, the attitude of police was rude. The police asked the members of the family to give the list of male residents of the house. The police wrote down names of all the male members of the family and left.
It is interesting to note that police avoided searching house despite having ‘confirmed secret information’ about presence of a hardcore criminal in the journalist’s home. It is important to note that the said journalist has contacted different top government functionaries during last one week to take their version about two of his critical stories. Ironically, both the stories are not published as yet.

Source : The News

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