PEC does not agree with the new publication of “Charlie Hebdo

Geneva, 13 January (PEC) – The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) distances itself from the new publication by “Charlie Hebdo” to be distributed Wednesday to the public. The PEC notes that the cartoon ignores sensibilities and throws oil on the fire when all parties must help in easing tensions.

PEC Secretary-General Blaise Lempen said that we understand the will of the editorial board of “Charlie Hebdo” that they will not give in to extremists but we cannot leave everything write anything or draw anything. Freedom of expression has its limits imposed by mutual respect.

He added that professional journalists have respect for certain rules. Especially they must avoid defamation and insults.

The PEC firmly condemned the unjustifiable attack on Charlie Hebdo last Wednesday but now the scene must calm down and not hand the scene to extremists and fanaticism by unnecessary provocations that are hurting. This applies to all religions, all believers from all walks of life.

PEC president Hedayat Abdel Nabi stressed that there is a thin line between freedom of opinion and expression and ethical journalism, in the case of “Charlie Hebdo” the line has been crossed in the past and today.

The PEC, a Geneva based NGO created by journalists, is struggling for more than a decade for the protection of journalists in dangerous zones. Dealing with words or cartoons with care is part of the essential measures that ensures the safety of journalists.

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