PBA agrees to 70 percent cut in rates of government adverts: minister

ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said Friday the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) had agreed to a 70% cut in rates of government adverts.
The minister announced this on Twitter, saying the government would save billions of rupees as a result of this.
Ch Fawad Hussain
میڈیا مالکان اور حکومت کے درمیان اشتہارات کے ریٹ پر معاھدہ طے پا گیا ہے، اس معاھدے کے نتیجے میں PBA نے حکومتی اشتہارات کے ریٹس میں 70% کمی پر آمادگی ظاہر کی ہے اس کے نتیجے میں حکومت کو اربوں روپے کی بچت ہو گی۔
9:18 PM – Jan 11, 2019
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The PBA and the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) have had a hard time dealing with the new PTI government.
There have been instances where the minister spoke out against the media houses, their business models, and their continual job and pay cuts.
For example, in December the minister claimed the government had paid around half of the money it owed to the media houses, but none of it was used to pay salaries of workers.


It upset both the media bodies which went on record to clarify and said such statements by the minister could create conflict within the media industry. “Previously also the minister has made disparaging public remarks against the news media industry which is highly regrettable,” the APNS and PBA had said back then.
Source:Journalism Pakistan

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