Journalists protest after Lalvani’s funeral

SUKKUR: The journalist fraternity has protested against the killing of their colleague, Ajay Lalvani, by some unidentified assailants in Sukkur.

After the funeral ceremony of the slain journalist at Saleh Pat near Rohri, Sukkur, and the protesters marched from the Taluka hospital to the funeral place, claiming that the incident was a target killing. The local traders observed a shutter down strike against the murder of Lalvani, while journalists have held the Sukkur Police responsible for his killing. Dileep Kumar, the father of the slain journalist, said that they did not have any enmity, however, he said some unidentified motorcyclists had killed his son at a barber shop, when he was getting his haircut done. He dismissed the police claim of the murder being the result of personal enmity. Meanwhile, the Saleh Pat Police on Friday registered an FIR against three unknown assailants and started investigating the murder.

Source: The News

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