Hyderabad Union of Journalists (HUJ) Hold Protest Rallies against Police Torture on Journalists in Islamkot

HYDERABAD: Members of Hyderabad Union of Journalists (HUJ) here Wednesday staged a protest against acts of violence against journalists in Islamkot city of Tharparkar district by the Police.

A protest demonstration led by HUJ vice president Zafar Hakro and general secretary Jani Khaskheli demanded removal of SSP Tharparkar Hassan Sardar Niazi for his involvement in torture against journalists.

While holding banners bearing slogans against Tharparkar Police, HUJ office bearers and journalists condemned the barbaric act of violence committed by Islamkot Police against journalists who were discharging their journalistic responsibilities.

They demanded that strict action should be taken against responsible Police personnel and the Senior Superintendent of Police who was behind this act of violence against journalists.

Meanwhile, journalists belonging to other cities of Hyderabad division, also staged protests in response to HUJ calls and chanted slogans against Tharparkar Police.

They demanded action against SSP Tharparkar and responsible Police personnel involved in torture on the journalists of Islamkot.

Source: Urdu Point


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