The Telegraph admits its corona story blaming Pakistan was misleading

ISLAMABAD—British daily The Telegraph has acknowledged as misleading one of its stories in June this year claiming half of Britain’s imported corona cases originated in Pakistan.

The story published on June 26 was headlined ‘Pakistan singled out as the origin of half of Britain’s imported virus cases.’

However, the Center for Media Monitoring filed a complaint with Ipso, the regulator for the press in the UK. Ipso ruled that the story was misleading and breached the code. Miqdaad Versi, a management consultant and spokesperson for the Muslim Council, filed the complaint.

In its tweet reluctantly acknowledging the misleading story, the paper said: “Our Tweet 26/6 “Pakistan…origin of half of Britain’s imported virus cases” was misleading as it suggested that half of all the UK’s imported cases originated in Pakistan. In fact, the figures only related to the period 4-26/6.”

It turned out that the story was based only on the data of 30 Covid cases spread over three weeks.


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