Information minister points to excessive coverage of crime by TV channels

ISLAMABAD – Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Wednesday pointed to excessive coverage of crime news by television channels and wondered what impact it would have on the society.
He tweeted a list of the minutes each channel gave to crime reporting out of a total of 31680 minutes.
Topping the list is Lahore News with 2178 minutes of crime coverage followed by 7 News with 2024 minutes.
The list records the minutes of crime reporting from January 1 to 22.
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Ch Fawad Hussain

جب آپ اتنا زیادہ وقت کرائم کی خبروں کو دیں گے تو اس سے معاشرےپر کیا اثرات آئیں گے؟ میری میڈیا سے اپیل ہے اس پالیسی پر نظرثانی کریں ، ہر خبر کا بریکنگ ہونا اہم نہیں ہوتا۔

9:25 PM – Jan 23, 2019info minister

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