Statement by Jang and Geo Group

ISLAMABAD: In a protest demonstration by civil society and media rights organisations for a journalist Asad Toor who was beaten up by yet to be identified men, Geo’s senior anchorperson Hamid Mir made a speech that has resulted in a backlash from different segments of society.

The Editorial Committee and lawyers will check for violation of policy and law. Meanwhile, ‘Capital Talk’ will be hosted by a temporary host. “We would like to remind our viewers and readers that Geo and Jang Group were shut down, our journalists were beaten up as they faced hundreds of fake allegations of corruption, blasphemy and traitorhood, shot at, financially strangulated more than any other media organisation in the country. The organisation has lost more than Rs10 billion to keep viewers and readers informed.

However, it becomes difficult for the Group and its editors to take ownership of the content that is delivered outside the purview, input and guidance of its editors, and which are not fact checked and approved by the editorial teams.

The anger, disappointment and frustration that Hamid Mir and other journalists feel on fellow colleagues being attacked is a shared and grave concern but better ways and means exist on how to channel that energy for productive gains for the safety of journalism and journalists.

Too many journalists lose their lives and their liberty in Pakistan while their fight for the right of the public to know continues. The PFUJ, Human Rights Commission, Pakistan Bar associations, PBA, APNS, AEMEND, CPNE as well as international human and media rights organisations all have advocated on many occasions that the government must proactively protect journalists and act against the perpetrators but no respite has been given till now.

Source: The News

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