Sputnik and The Nation sign cooperation agreement

MOSCOW – Russia’s Sputnik news agency and radio signed its first cooperation agreement with Pakistan’s English-language newspaper The Nation.
The parties agreed to develop their relations based on their desire to forge long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in English-language content exchange, strengthen cultural links between Russia and Pakistan, promote joint media initiatives and organize joint events.
First Deputy Editor-in-Chief Sergei Kochetkov signed the agreement on behalf of Sputnik and Editor-in-Chief Rameeza Majid Nizami on behalf of The Nation.
Sergei Kochetkov commented: “Pakistan is one of the most important political actors in South Asia. We are glad to have the opportunity to receive exclusive content on the events in the region and the opportunity to deliver verified information to our Pakistani audience, including what remains untold by others.”
Ms Nizami added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Sputnik to bring Russia to Pakistani readers, who are very much interested in unbiased news coverage in this deeply politicized world. –
Source: Agenciesnation

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