Speakers call upon world to act against human rights violations in Palestine

Islamabad: Journalists and international experts from around the world have called upon the international community to unite and act against human rights violations in Palestine. They demanded an immediate halt to the atrocities of Israel and suggested taking the case of attacks on innocent people and media outlets to the International Court of Justice.

They were speaking at a webinar titled ‘Israeli aggression against humanity, press freedom and our responsibility’ organized by the National Press Club to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. The webinar was live-streamed on Facebook and Twitter and was addressed by a large number of prominent speakers from across the globe. The webinar started with the introductory comments by Secretary General Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) Nasir Zaidi expressed disappointment over the reaction of Muslim countries and stressed for more reliance on the citizen’s activism.

Assistant Secretary-General for the Arab Medical Union and former Minister of Health and the Minister of Youth and Sports Palestine Basem Naim thanked the Pakistani people and the government for supporting the Palestinian cause. He shared the situation on the ground and said that more than 250 Palestinian people have been martyred with 63 children among them.

As social media activist and Operations Manager of- We Are Not Numbers Palestine- Asmaa Tayeh spoke at the seminar, the sound of fighter jets bombing Gaza could be clearly heard by the seminar participants. She talked about the life of Palestinians and the condition of basic facilities.

Head of Israeli Colonial Department at Vision Centre for Political Development, Istanbul, and Feras Ali Qawasmeh suggested media to enhance pressure on the governments and international community regarding their responsibility towards oppressed Palestinian people.

Director General League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds Dr Mohammad Makram Balawi urged the media to confirm facts and events with the Palestinian journalists and experts as the western media is reporting the whole situation in a biased way. He also gave tips to Pakistani journalists regarding the use of words and terms while reporting or writing pieces on Palestinian situation.

Others who spoke on the occasion from international community included researcher on Palestine issue Bilal Alakhras from Malaysia, Director of Public Policy Department at the Prime Minister Office in Gaza, Palestine Dr. Abdullah Waleed, journalist, researcher, and Op-Ed writer for Daily Sabah, Palestinian Ali Abo Rezeq, Lord Nazir Ahmed, and Chairman Khubaib Foundation Nadeem Khan. The webinar was also addressed by eminent anchors, senior journalists and experts from across Pakistan.

Source: The News

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