RMNP attends Jakarta World Forum For Media Development(September 20-22,2016)


unnamed 1Prsident Rural Media Network Pakistan Ehsan Ahmed Sehar attended Jakarta World Forum For Media Development which held from September 20-22,2016 in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.He was  invited by chairman Global Forum For Media Development (GMFD) Mr Leon Willems, who is also Director Free Press Unlimited.

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Foundational World Forum
63 sessions, 113 speakers and presenters, 400 participants, 62 nationalities and one conclusion: more than ever, global cooperation among media assistance organisations is needed.
The World Forum for Media Development, held from September 20-22 in Jakarta, was the occasion to reposition GFMD at the very centre of the discussions around the future of media development. Global challenges require global solutions. The use of media by terrorist groups and authoritarian regimes, citizens’ right to free and accessible information, and financial difficulties faced by the media sector know no boundaries. The World Forum was a platform for those committed to addressing these challenges together.

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President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar along with American and Dutch participants during a session of Jakarta Forum For Media Development.

Viewing GFMD from a Network Perspective- by Adam Saffer, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
The Jakarta World Forum displayed the power and potential of the GFMD network. Members had the chance to form new relationships and continue established relationships. These relationships are fundamental to the health of the network. Through a network perspective, we can assess the health of the GFMD network and see the relationships among members.
As presented at the Jakarta World Forum, the network analysis illustrated the global reach of the GFMD network. Beyond visualizing members’ relationships, the network analysis study examined the patterns and strength of the relationships among members.

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Indonesian university dancer students group photo with Pakistani and Indian delegates during coffee break of Jakarta forum.

Jakarta World Forum Session Highlights
The 2016 Jakarta World Forum for Media Development, GFMD’s quadrennial World Forum on Media Development, concluded on 22 September 2016 at the Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The three-day conference, held from 20-22 September, engaged with some of the most current issues in media development relating to extremism, technology, business models, and audiences including access to information and sustainable development goals.

President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar met Director GMFD Mr Ayman during a break after one session in  Jakarta Forum and discussed press freedom related issues.

Collaborative Sessions: Get Ready for Results, Reports and New Initiatives
The Jakarta World Forum for Media Development hosted four collaborative, closed and open sessions which will inform future work-streams for GFMD and concerned members. Results of these processes will be shared with GFMD members in the coming months.

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President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar and Chairperson IPDC & Coordinator FPU Ms Albana Shala during Jakarta Forum for Media Development.

International Press Review: Coverage of the 2016 Jakarta World Forum for Media Development
The 2016 Jakarta World Forum for Media Development was covered by GFMD’s member organisations and independent media outlets over the world. Both the conference as well as individual sessions received attention within media development communities in countries ranging from Trinidad and Tobago to Myanmar. The GFMD Secretariat conducted an international press review of the World Forum coverage

GFMD Elects its New Steering Committee and Ricardo Corredor from Colombia as New Chairman
The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) concluded on September 22, 2016 its fourth World Forum for Media Development with the election of a new steering committee. The three-day conference was organised from September 20-22, 2016 in partnership with the Press Council of Indonesia at Multimedia University Nusantara (UMN), Jakarta.

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Belgium based GMFD team host Ms Stephaine Khalaf with President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar in Jakarta,Indonesia.

The new Steering Committee is composed of 20 members: 14 members elected in Jakarta and six incumbents serving a third and final term. The Steering Committee then elected Ricardo Corredor (Colombia), Executive Director of Fundación Gabriel García Márquez para el Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (FNPI) as the new Chairman of GFMD. Kateryna Myasnikova (Ukraine) was chosen as Vice-Chair; Leon Morse (USA) as Secretary General, and Laurent Allary (France) as Treasurer.

President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar and other Pakistani delegate Chief Information Commissioner Punjab Justice(retired) Mazhar Minhas during their stay in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In his first remarks as new Chairman, Ricardo Corredor underscored the need for strengthening cooperation within the GFMD network and increasing inter-regional and South-South cooperation. He also thanked outgoing Chairman Leon Willems for his outstanding contribution and leadership in expanding the GFMD network and furthering its mission. “Today, perhaps more than ever, the world needs more independent and free media to foster open and well informed societies and a network such as ours has all the knowledge and experience to continue working towards that goal,” he added.

The Jakarta World Forum followed GFMD’s success in putting access to information on the world’s Sustainable Development Goals agenda. The World Forum was also an occasion for GFMD members to renew their commitment to working together for a better protection of journalists and the successful implementation of access to information laws.

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Professor Dr Harrindar Pal Singh of Patiala University,East Punjab,India and President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar during three days forum in Jakarta,Indonesia.

GFMD members also laid the foundations for a closer cooperation around research projects related to media development and for joint responses around major political challenges facing independent, quality media, such as the use of media for propaganda purposes and restrictions to press freedom under the pretext of national security and countering terrorism.

GFMD is a unique network of 200 organisations, with a vibrant southern dimension. The members expressed the need to further develop the network’s learning agenda by increasing South to South exchange and cooperation, and strengthen the effectiveness and coordination of media assistance efforts.

Pakistani delegates

Chief Information Commissioner Punjab Justice (retired) Mazhar Minhas , President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar and General secretary PPF Owais Aslam Ali  attended different sessions of Jakarta Forum For Media development and held meetings with international media experts.President RMNP Ehsan  met with Director Free Press Unlimited Mr Leon Willems, Chairperson IPDC/UNESCO Ms Albana Shala,FPU Pakistan Coordinator Boris van Westering, Director Global Forum For Media Development Mr Ayman, GMFD staffer Stephaine Khalaf, Indian delegate professor Dr Harindar Pal Singh of Patiala University of Eastern Punjab, RSF Asia Programme Coordinator  Mr Benjamin Ismail, office bearers of the Press Council of Indonesia besides a large number of other media experts and press freedom advocates hailing from different countries.President RMNP also exchanged views with team of International Consortium of Investigative journalists which leaked the Panama papers.


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Indonesian capital Jakarta hotel Santika Premiere where delegates hailing from 62 countries were accommodated for three days Forum for Media Development.

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