PFUJ demands early release of Journalist Faizullah Khan from Afghan prison

Honorable Ambassador of Republic of Afghanistan,

SUBJECT : PFUJ appeal for early release of Journalist Faizullah Khan from Afghan prison

His Excellency,Aghan Ambassador

Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), a representative body of over 25,000 journalists, appealed to the Government of Afghanistan, for the early release of a respected journalist and senior reporter, Faizullah Khan, of a leading TV Channel, ARY, who has recently been convicted for want of travel document.

While PFUJ fully respect the laws of Afghanistan and the courts, would like to draw the kind attention towards the detention of Faizullah Khan, who has an un blemish journalistic career. Like any journalist around the world, he too has passion for a news story. He has been reporting on Afghanistan for many years and there have never been any complaint against him from any quarter.

One understand the difficulties of the Afghan authorities, when they first detained him, but PFUJ took full responsibility that Faizullah crossed the border in search of a story and neither has any criminal record not any links with any military outfit.

Biesdes, PFUJ, International Federation of Journalists, IFJ, which is world largest body of journalists and New York based, Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ also taking up this issue. PFUJ is affiliated to IFJ and Faizullah Khan is a our member in Karachi.

On behalf of the journalist community of Pakistan, we appeal to you to use your influence and good offices to get the early release of our colleague, if possible, before Eid.

Pakistani and Afghan journalists in the past have worked together and have very cordial relationship. We hope the early release of ARY reporter would further strengthen the relationship between Pakistan journalists and government of Afghanistan.

Thanking You,

Khursheed Abbasi,

Secretary General, PFUJ

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