Pakistani journalist Mateen Khan, cameraperson arrested in Kandahar

KABUL—Taliban have arrested Mateen Khan a journalist associated with Khyber News TV, in Kandahar. According to his family, he was detained along with his cameraperson.

The Afghan Taliban confirmed that “a Pakistani media crew was arrested in Kandahar for covering without permission,” adding that “investigation is currently going on.”

The Chaman Press Club condemned the arrest of the journalists and demanded that the Pakistani government take notice. In this regard, Habibullah Achakzai, an office-bearer of the club, said that Khan had gone with his cameraperson Muhammad Ali and other journalists from Chaman to cover the events in Kandahar. The Taliban arrested him on Wednesday afternoon.

“We came back with coverage, but the Taliban arrested them during the coverage,” one of the Pakistani journalists said.

He said that journalists from Chaman were allowed to visit Kandahar only by showing their press cards. At the same time, the journalists in Kandahar can also come to Chaman by presenting their journalistic credentials.

Khan belongs to Chaman.

Photo: AFP

jurnalist arrested in kandhar


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