Pakistan Media Development Authority Ordinance black law

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Naib Ameer and president of party’s Political and National Affairs Committee Liaqat Baloch said Pakistan Media Development Authority Ordinance has been rejected by all the journalistic and democratic organisations terming it government’s black law.

Talking to media Thursday, he said the proposed ordinance is an executioner for freedom of the press and declaration of war against profession of journalism. The government and state institutions will gain repressive control over journalism, media groups and journalists. Freedom of the press will be helpless in the face of government’s black law and media groups will be locked up. The black law would also be a foolish move to close the doors of the judiciary for journalism. JI strongly supports the joint struggle of journalists, radio and media groups for freedom of the press. The first victim of the government’s black law is senior journalist Hamid Mir, he added. Banning Hamid Mir on print and electronic media is the worst form of retaliation. If the government has the moral courage, it should take the matter to the court so that the blows on freedom of the press and restrictions are lifted.

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