One killed 8 hurt in remote control blast near RMNP Base

Chanigoth( Rural Pakistan) one person was killed and eight other wounded while a remote control device exploded at Chani Goth Chakkar, a place 30 kilometerds from RMNP head quarters killing a fruit vendor identified as Muhammad Imran while eight others identified as Riaz Ahmed, Farooq, Shahbaz, Shan, Akhter, Zafar, Waqas and Abdul Jabbar sustained multiple injuries. It has been learnt that an unidentified person came at the push-cart of a fruit vendor Rao Imran and placed a bag under his cart, with the request that he was going to toilet and will pick it up on return. When the suspect did not turn up, Imran informed the Chani Goth Police but in the meantime, the bomb exploded, killing him instantly. The roof of a nearby shop was collapsed and dozens of push-carts badly damaged. Bahawalpur DCO Imran Sikandar Baloch, DPO Sarfraz Ahmed Falki, the EDO Education visited the scene.Police have rounded up six suspects and started the investigations.
Click below the link to read the bomb blast news published in English Daily The Nation Lahore
Source: RMNPchanigoth map

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