National Press Club’s ultimatum to Geo News

ISLAMABAD—National Press Club has criticized the Geo News management for off-airing prominent TV anchor and senior journalist Hamid Mir, terming the decision a violation of freedom of expression.

A statement issued by Anwar Raza (pictured), Secretary-General NPC, said that to record a strong protest, the club has decided to ban the entry of the Geo News crew. “We have given an ultimatum of three days to Geo News to revise and undo the decision against Hamid Mir,” the statement said.

It warned that journalist bodies reserved the right to take legal action to safeguard press freedom. “If the Geo News management does not pay heed to our demand, we would expand the ongoing protests in support of the veteran journalist Hamid Mir.”

According to Afzal Butt, a former president of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), the press club had decided to exclude the logo of Geo News from every event at the NPC premises. “From today, Geo News will not be allowed to cover any event here,” he said.

Source: Journalism Pakistan


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