Move to unify PFUJ factions denied

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists headed by Rana Azeem has refuted a news item published in a section of the press about a move to unify various factions of the PFUJ and termed it ‘baseless and concocted’.
In a statement, Rana Azeem and Secretary General Amin Yusuf said the factions could unify on the basis of established principles and not at the behest of any media group.
All decisions of the PFUJ are made by the members of supreme PFUJ body, the Federal Executive Council (FEC), and no such decision had been taken by the council, they said.
They said that the IFJ representative Pervaiz Shaukat had also contradicted the news item and termed it baseless and a part of some conspiracy.
They said that Mr Shaukat had attended a recent meeting, but objected to the formation of the unification committee on the grounds that no ‘legal representative’ of the PFUJ had been included in it.
PFUJ factions move for unification
Mr Shaukat had said that there should be unity, but any decision regarding its modalities and rules and regulations could be made only by the FEC.

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