Law minister, lawyer’s leader oppose NA resolution on public hanging

ISLAMABAD: Federal Law Minister Farogh Nase­­em on Saturday opposed the resolution adopted in the National Assembly suggesting exemplary punishment of public hanging for people convicted of sexually abusing and killing children.

“Public hanging does not only violate a Supreme Cou­rt verdict but is also against Islamic injunctions,” he said in a statement.

Talking to Dawn, the law minister cited a 1994 Supreme Court judgement which held that public hanging, even of the worst criminal, appeared to violate the dignity of man and constituted a violation of the fundamental right guaranteed under Article 14 of the Constitution.

“The law ministry is not going to bring anything which is not only against the law and the constitution but also against Islam,” the minister said. If someone felt aggrieved with the judgement, he must approach the apex court to get its order reviewed, he added.

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