Journalist Asad Toor injured by unidentified assailants

ISLAMABAD—Unidentified men barged into journalist Asad Ali Toor’s Islamabad apartment on Tuesday night and beat him black and blue.

He sustained severe injuries and was treated at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The motive behind the attack was not known.

In a short video shared by his friends on social media, a visibly shaken Toor said the assailants asked who was funding him. “I was tied up and beaten. One of the attackers put on my shoes and kicked me in the face twice.”

A CCTV clip shared by his friends on social media showed three men fleeing after assaulting him. In another video, Toor, barely able to walk, is seen coming out of his apartment to seek help.

A case was registered against him last year for his negative comments and propaganda against state institutions through social media.

Source: JP

journalist Asad Toor

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