IFJ Gives Strong Support to Guardian Editor Ahead of Appearance at UK House of Commons

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has given its strong support to the decision of Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger to publish the NSA and GCHQ surveillance leaked by Edward Snowden, stating that newspaper’s investigation was cearly in the public interest.
The IFJ has issued its stance ahead of  Rusbridger’s appearance today before the House of Commons home affairs select committee to be questioned about the leaked revelations which were published by the Guardian and Observer.
The IFJ supports the editor’s decision to publish this information of vital public interest and his defence of the freedom of the press to hold government and corporate interests to account, while it rejects the attacks on the Guardian over the Snowden leaks and welcomes the support offered from all over the world for the Guardian’s role in bringing this information into the public domain.
“The IFJ and all the journalists worldwide are fully behind the Guardian and its journalists,” said IFJ President Jim Boumelha. “It is mind-boggling that the revelations by the Guardian about the programme mass surveillance are considered in some circles to be similar to aiding and abetting terrorism.
“This is an outrageous suggestion that must be quashed. The Guardian’s investigation is clearly in the public interest and the courageous journalists at the Guardian should be congratulated for doing what a free press does to inform our citizens.”

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