HUJ holds protest demo against attack on Mirpur Khas press club

BADIN: The Hyderabad Union of Journalists (HUJ) staged a protest demonstration against the attack on the Mirpur Khas press club in front of the Hyderabad press club.
The protest included PFUJ Central Vice President Khalid Khokhar, Lala Rehman Samoon, HUJ President Jai Parkash Morani, Joint Secretary Fahim Baber, Finance Secretary Zaffar Hakro, members of the executive committee, Mansoor Mari, Ghulam Fareed Lakho, Niaz Wighio, Jan Ali Leghari, Ashok Sharma, Azeem Barecho, Aijaz Chandio, Sajid Ali Khan, Naveed Panhwar and others.
They chanted slogans against such violence, high headedness, terror and the act of attacking journalism and freedom of expression. While addressing the gathering, representatives said that they would not tolerate attacks over journalists and journalistic institutions.
They said that freedom of expression was essential for the existence of democracy in any country and that the government was failing to secure journalists. HUJ representatives demanded that miscreants and culprits involved in the attack on Mirpur Khas press club to be immediately arrested.
Source:Pakistan Todaydemo

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