Hamid Mir offers to apologize if Asad Toor’s attackers arrested

ISLAMABAD—Hamid Mir on Tuesday offered to apologize for his outburst against the military establishment provided those who attacked journalist Asad Ali Toor were arrested.

Mir, banned from hosting his talk show Capital Talk, said on Twitter: “If ‘they’ arrest the attackers of journalist Asad Ali Toor, then I am ready to offer apology.”

VOA said Mir’s use of the word ‘they’, showed whom he was talking about.

In a hard-hitting speech at a protest last week condemning the assault on Toor, he spoke against the security agencies and threatened to spill the beans.

In a statement, the Geo-Jang Group said that the veteran journalist had made a speech “that has resulted in backlash from different segments of society.”

“We would like to remind our viewers and readers that Geo and Jang Group were shut down, our journalists were beaten up as they faced hundreds of fake allegations of corruption, blasphemy and traitorhood, shot at, financially strangulated more than any other media organisation in the country. The organisation has lost more than Rs10 billion to keep viewers and readers informed,” the statement said.

“However, it becomes difficult for the group and its editors to take ownership of the content that is delivered outside the purview, input and guidance of its editors, and which are not fact-checked and approved by the editorial teams,” the statement added.

In a tweet on Monday, Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said every broadcasting organization is free to decide which program it airs and what will be its team. He added that the government had nothing to do with the internal decisions of the broadcasting institutions.


Source; Journalism Pakistan

Hamid Mir

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