Dawn scribe says PTI responsible for rendering journalists jobless

ISLAMABAD – Asad Malik, a reporter with Dawn, on Friday held the PTI government responsible for making more than 10000 journalists jobless.
In a tweet in Urdu, he criticized the government’s promise of creating 10 million jobs. He added that in only six months nearly 10000 workers in the media industry had lost their jobs.
He also maintained that because of the “government’s anti-media measures” hundreds of workers have witnessed cuts in their incomes.
Asad Malik
ایک کروڑ نوکریوں کا جھانسا دلا کر حکومت لینے والوں کے پہلے چھ ماہ میں صرف میڈیا انڈسٹری سے قریبا 10 ہزار افراد کے روزگار چھن گئے اور حکومت کے میڈیا مخالف اقدامات کی وجہ سے سینکڑوں افراد کی ماہانہ اجرت میں خاطرخواہ کمی بھی ہوئی
4:42 PM – Jan 31, 2019
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The Dawn Media Group, publishers of Dawn newspaper and monthly Herald, announced on Wednesday its decision to impose a 40 percent cut on staff salaries because of falling advertising revenue and an increase in operational costs.
On the other hand, presenter Asma Sherazi lamented that journalists raise voice for everyone, but today there is no one to highlight their plight before “exploiting” media owners.
Asma Shirazi

صحافی ہر مظلوم کی آواز ہیں لیکن اُن کے لئے آواز اٹھانے والا اور استحصالی سیٹھوں سے لڑنے والا کوئی نہیں۔ صحافیوں کے گھروں کے چولہے بند کرنے والوں کا احتساب کون کرے گا ؟
12:42 PM – Feb 1, 2019
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In her Urdu tweet, she asks, “who will hold accountable the people responsible for extinguishing hearths in journalists’ homes.”
Photo: Twitter (@asadrp)
Source: JPreporter

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