Beware of cyber criminals on internet, warns FIA

fiaRAWALPINDI: In view of the rise in crime rate on the internet during the virus-induced lockdown, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has issued an advisory for the parents of the young children to be cautious of cyberattacks.
It says that the agency has received a number of complaints about children being targeted by cyber criminals to get access to information, like personal details, photographs and information about bank accounts and credit cards etc.
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FIA sources said that the use of internet has grown exponentially among the children, as it remains the only source of entertainment because of the closure of educational institutions, sports grounds, parks, and cinema houses during the lockdown.
“At the same time, criminals have also increased their activities, targeting children, who have little knowledge of these things,” said a source. “Children spend most of the time on social media platforms. The criminals approach them by making a friend’s request,” the source added.
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“Slowly, they befriend the children. So much so that the victims share their family pictures and other information. These criminals are also looking for their parents’ credit card and bank accounts information,” the sources continued.
The Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) of the FIA advises the parents to provide their children with controlled internet access or shared browsing services to counter such attacks. “Do not accept friend requests or click on any email link from an unknown person,” the advisory says.
It says that cyber criminals usually send a link in which users are offered reward. “If you click on the link, the hackers can access your personal information,” it adds. As for the credit card, the advisory says that the consumers should shop online only from certified online outlets to avoid major losses.

Source : Tribune

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