CJP-designate urges journalists to be truthful

Qazi Faiz Isa CJ Designate

Chief Justice-designate Qazi Faez Isa says freedom of expression and access to information are the fundamental rights of every citizen. 

Justice Isa said so while addressing the swearing-in ceremony of the cabinet of the Press Association of the Supreme Court. 

The CJP said the purpose of all laws was to bring out the truth and justice was done on the basis of truth.

He said when the decision comes, any party could say the decision was good or bad. 

A visible difference between news and opinion is important. Opinion can be disagreed with while no one can disagree with the facts.

Justice Isa said responsible journalism was the need of the hour and it creates a good impression on society. 

“Journalists and judges are always looking for the truth, telling the truth is not a difficult task, it is difficult to remember a lie. Yes, the truth is easy to remember,” he held.

Source: The Nation

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