Will Faizullah celeberate Eid in prison ?

Islamabad: Despite high hopes, firm assurances, chances for the possible release of ARY’s Karachi based correspondent, Faizullah Khan is fading out as Tomorrow (Friday), perhaps is the last working day in Afghanistan and also in Pakistan.
Khan was convicted four years imprisonment by Afghan court for entering the country without travel documents. Countrywide protest of journalists were held and appeals were also made by International journalist bodies for his early release.
As a result of protest the Afghan Ambassador in Pakistan, had assured journalists that Afghan President, Hamid Karazi would use his power to release him before Eid.
This is the only hope left not if Afghan President announced mercy for prisoners, who are now facing heinous crimes or involved in terrorism.
However, it is very important that all journalists bodies, ARY management and Pakistan’s foreign office used all possible efforts in the next 24 hours to ensure that his name should on the list of those likely to be release.
It would be our collective failure if we could get our colleague back on Eid. I was told that the appeal against the conviction has already been filed. Well, it can take weeks even months.
I suggest that all news anchors and program anchors of ARY News, should wear black bands on their arms as mark of protest, I wish I could have made such an appeal to all channels. Unfortunately, its a “Divided House.” But, if some channels should show solidarity it would be “great,” to express solidarity.
Contributor: Mazhar Abbas Ary Digital TVfaizullah

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