Unknown killers murder journalist in district Hafizabad

Pakistani journalist, Kashif Hussain, was killed in Wanike Tarrar, a small town in the District of Hafizabad. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its affiliate the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) urges the Pakistan authorities to progress with the investigation and arrest the culprit responsible.

Kashif Hussain was murdered late at night on August 10 in the Vanike Tarar area of Hafizabad in Pakistan’s Punjab province. He was a correspondent for Daily Khabrain and Daily Qomi Akhbar.

Hussain had been living separately from the rest of his family and was found dead in his own home; his throat was cut with a sharp instrument.

Local civilians have reported that they are deeply frightened as a result of the murder. Colleagues in the media have staged protests and demanded that authorities find the murderer and arrest them as quickly as they can.

Muhsin Khalid, President of the Gujranwala Press club, told the IFJ that Muhammad Arif, Hussain’s brother, filed a case with the local police alleging that Hussain had been murdered by unknown criminals.

According to police sources, Hussain’s case has been registered against an unknown assailant, and senior officials are pursuing the murder. A committee has been set up and various raids are being carried out in different places. The motive behind the murder has not been found.

The PFUJ said: “We urge the local police official to reach some conclusion and find the murderer.”

The IFJ said: “The murder of Kashif Hussain has spread a blanket of fear across Pakistan. This tragic act shows that journalistic safety is more important than ever. The IFJ urges authorities to pursue this investigation as quickly as they can and to hold the culprit responsible so that journalists in Pakistan can continue reporting without fearing for their lives.”

Source: IFJ


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