Two Journalist Brothers Along With 17 Family Members Recovered From Corona Infection

PESHAWAR: Two Peshawar based journalist brothers along with their 17 family members have been recovered from coronavirus infection.

According to details, Senior Reporter Asif Shezad of GNN tv and his brother Wajid Shezad of Such TV had contracted coronavirus infection due to coverage of cases, facilities at quarantines centers besides burial of the dead.

The coronavirus tests of both the brothers came positive on April 28, last. Later, after examination of blood samples of other 17 family members, all were found infected from the disease.

All the family members who lived in a same home because of joint family system, made arrangements for self isolation of each other and spent their quarantine period with strong faith in divine help of Allah Almighty.

During the quarantine period all the affected members took medicines as prescribed by doctors and adopted all precautionary measures.

On Friday, blood tests were conducted of all the family members and all were found negative from the infection.

All the family members are greatly thankful to Allah Almighty and all those well wishers who kept on enquiring about their health and offered prayers for their recovery.

Source : Urdu Point



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