TV journalist Zafar Abbas killed in Mailsi

Mailsi IMG 20190912 WA00371( South Punjab): A young TV journalist was killed in Mailsi of Vehari district in South Punjab., who was allegedly kidnapped seven days ago. According to reports slain Zafar Abbas dead body was recovered out of a water well today.He was  correspondent of Seven News TV Channel..On the demand of local journalists of Mailsi, Mitru Police arrested alleged culprits but later released them.Salin journalist heirs and  his journalists colleagues called  on District Police Officer Vehari, who ordered the re-arrest of alleged culprits. These culprits reportedly pinpointed the water well where they had thrown the dead body of journalist Zafar Abbas. after his murder. Police recovered Zafar Abbas dead body  and handed over it to his heirs after autopsy. Further investigation is in progress. A  female is also  stated one of the alleged killer. The motive of the killing of journalist has not yet been confirmed. Another report says that dead body of slain journalist Zafar Abbas was buried in his ancestral grave yard in Mailsi this night


Source: RMNP/Reports

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