Safety first: 24-hour hotline opened for journalists in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The police have established a media hotline at the Central Police Office where journalists can lodge their complaints after receiving threats of various natures.

The hotline will be active round the clock and journalists can call the toll free number (0800-00400) any time.

After receiving a complaint, the hotline’s operator register it and direct concerned officials of the respective district to take action immediately.

DSP Operations has been made in-charge of the hotline and will regularly report to the police chief in this regard.

Express News bureau chief Jamshed Baghwan’s residence in Peshawar was targeted on Sunday in a grenade attack which damaged the front gate of his house in Murshidabad. Earlier, a powerful bomb planted outside Baghwan’s house was defused by the police.

Source:Express Tribune

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