Sadiq News Launch 19 Dec 2005


Launch edition December 2005

Sadiq News, a bulletin that covers freedom of expression issues for rural Pakistani journalists, distributed its inaugural issue in December 2005. The Rural Media Network of Pakistan is publishing the newsletter with technical assistance from UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) and the Nawa-i-Ahmedpur Sharqia newspaper. The Urdu-language newsletter includes information on press freedom violations, ethics, training, and other matters of interest to rural journalists. The information comes from the Rural Media Network, the National Press Union, and local reporters in remote areas. The newsletter will help rural journalists learn about their rights and improve their ability to network with colleagues.


May 2006 edition


April 2006

Sadiq News was launched at a dinner ceremony at Qazi house on 19 December 2005 which was chaired by Amir Bahawalpur Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi. Minister of State for Environment Government of Pakistan Malik Mohd Amin Aslam Khan was the chief guest. MNA Bahawalpur Malik Farooq Azam also spoke. The Environmental Minister pledged support for a training workshop on environmental reporting for rural journalists. Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi, the Amir of Bahawalpur, announced funding for the Sadiq Press Freedom Award which will be given to a rural journalist whose work demonstrates strong committment to press freedom. It will be announced on the eve of World Press Freedom Day every year.


Bottom row left to right: Minister of State for Environment Malik Mohammad Amin Aslam Khan, Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi, MNA Malik Farooq Azam and Ehsan Ahmed Sehar addressing the launching ceremony of the Freedom of Expression Newsletter Sadiq News organised by Nawa-i-AhmedpurSharqia with the assistance of UNESCO.
Top row: The ceremony and on the right Minister Malik Mohd Ameen Aslam presenting the Press Freedom Defendant Award to Mubarakpur journalist Mazhar Rasheed Missan.

Foreword for Freedom of Expression newsletter Sadiq News


Javed Jabbar

The launch of the Freedom of Expression newsletter Sadiq News, away from the flash bulbs, the video cameras and the headlines of mainstream media in large urban centres, marks a milestone in the development of media freedom in Pakistan.
The political economy and the sociology of the rural areas and of small towns in our country are quite distinct and specific even while the whole country, like the rest of the world has become part of a singular global
city and a shared media environment.
A TV set inside a house in a small town may promote images of common global values of democracy and freedom of expression. Yet, just a few feet outside the same house, there is likely to exist a whole apparatus of brute power that is well-used to getting away scot-free after it violates the same global values and freedoms at the expense of a single courageous editor or reporter who dares to report the truth.
While mainstream media do cover instances of crime and human rights violations in the rural areas, sustained attention to the themes and incidents concerning freedom of expression in small towns and villages have
to compete unfairly with the conventionally big stories.
The publication of the Freedom of Expression newsletter Sadiq News will hopefully focus national and international attention on the themes and concerns of the subject as they relate to a part of Pakistan where over 60% of people still reside and where there remains the greatest need to develop both the media, access to media and the strengthening of freedom of expression without fear.
I commend Mr. Ehsan Ahmed Sehar for his consistent contribution to the advancement of journalism and the values of balanced, truthful, independent expression.

Javed Jabbar
former Minister for Information and Media Development
founder Citizen Media Commission of Pakistan

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