RMNP condemns demand to shut Al Jazeera and other media outlets

Rural Media Network Pakistan (RMNP) has  condemned the demands  to shut  Al Jazeera Network and other media outlets in Qatar and termed it  a move to suppress  the independent voices in Arab region.President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar in his statement urged  Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries to withdraw
their unjustified demands for the closure of Al Jazeera network and other media outlets and resolve prevailing Gulf crisis in peaceful atmosphere.He paid rich tributes to Al Jazeera Network, a most credible media organisation of Arab world  which is not only  leading independent  voice of Muslim world but also one of the competitors of  CNN and BBC.President RMNP stated that Al Jazeera highlighted the plight of Palestinians and broke important stories of Arab region in past resultantly its staffers paid heavy costs while performing their professional duties in different countries.He further said that United States ,European Union and other western governments were also   financing media organisations and press freedom groups  not only in their countries but also in South so it is in not unique if Qatari government is  funding directly or indirectly to media outlets including Al Jazeera Network.Ehsan Ahmed Sehar  asked demanding Arab counties that they  should establish their own media outlets to compete Al Jazeera  Network rather stepping up pressure for its closure.He hoped that Qatari government will not bow down to the
unjustified demands of its rival Arab countries  and will support the free flow of information through Al Jazeera Network and media outlets.President RMNP said that we acknowledge the role  of Qatari government in supporting  independent voices in Arab region and aljazeera 0 1throughout the globe.
Source. RMNP

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