Reading habits encouraged by APNS

KARACHI: Hameed Haroon, President, and Sarmad Ali, Secretary General of All Pakistan Newspapers Society, have expressed their desire to encourage reading habits in the country with particular emphasis on newspaper reading.

They stated that in order to improve newspaper reading, a nationwide campaign catering to all segments of the society will be launched. They also emphasized the need for newspapers to connect with younger segment of the society.

The All Pakistan Newspapers Society announced last year to celebrate the National Newspaper Readership Day on 25th September every year. The APNS has, therefore, announced 25th September, 2020 as National Newspaper Reading Day.

The day was selected in commemoration of the first multi-page newspaper published in 1690. The decision was taken to disseminate awareness of the importance and efficacy of newspaper reading in Pakistan, especially to approach and encourage the young generation to establish newspaper reading habits. They requested member publications to publish issues on the Readership Day highlighting the importance of newspaper readership habits focusing on the authentication of news in print.

Source: The News


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