Radio Pakistan takes a leap forward in digitalization of broadcasts

ISLAMABAD – Radio Pakistan has taken a leap forward in digitalization of its broadcasts by launching its Podcast service.

The podcast offers interviews of dignitaries, daily news review, current affairs programs, documentaries, music, sports and a lot more to inform, educate and entertain people through different internet platforms, said a press release issued on Wednesday.

This new media service enables the people to download the audio and video content on a variety of topics any time by using the internet.

For this, they will have to just visit

The initiative, which is part of the digitalization of the state media, will greatly contribute to projecting the state narrative in an effective way.

Digital media has a critical role in highlighting Kashmir issue, combating Islamophobia and depicting true culture of Pakistan. Media’s role has increased manifold in narrative building and countering fake news to stop sensationalism and uncertainty. Digital media has vast potential in commercialization of sports and other events to generate revenue as well.

The national broadcaster has always remained on the forefront to equip itself with the latest technological trends to expand its outreach and serve the interests of its listeners by providing them credible and authentic news and quality entertainment.

Radio Pakistan service is part of the National Digital Information Platform keeping in view the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for a Digital Pakistan.

Source: The Nation

Radio Pakistan

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