Promotion of Music in South-Punjab (Issues & Recommendations) Suggested by Syed NajamulHassan Bukhari—Coordinator RMNP for the Freedom of Musical & Artistic Expression


Pakistan is a country rich in resources and talented people with amazing potential. Whether it is sports, acting, music or any other form of Arts or Sciences, the people of our beloved homeland have been making tremendous progress. The only problem in Pakistan is that we do not promote our talent due to which it is being spoiled.
It is terrible need to highlight some major issues which hinder the promotion of music in South PunjabRegion especially in former Bahawalpur Province.

1- Lack of Institutions
The former Bahawalpur Province is deprived of institutions for music. Both Public and Private Sectors are least concerned about the establishment of institutions in which people can learn how to sing and play different musical instruments. In the whole South Punjab, there are not proper platforms for the musicians where they can prove their worth. For the promotion of music, the establishment of institutions like Al-Hamra Art Council is pre-requisite. In such institutions musical competitions can be held all over the year thus providing support to talented music lovers and enhancing their confidence.
2- Pathetic Economic Conditions
Most of the population of the former Bahawalpur Province survives below poverty line and can hardly fulfill their financial needs. So in such circumstances, it becomes nearly impossible for them to afford themselves as far as materialization of their musical dream is concerned. Moreover there are people who are interested to organize musical functions to add charm to their farewell and reception parties, ceremonies and events but they least bother about hiring the paid musicians and in case if such are hired, they are offered very nominal payment. In most of cases, hiring parties try their utmost to engage free of cost musicians in order to make their eves the memorable ones. It gives the impression whether the society has low paying capacity or populated with money savers.

3- Urban Orientation
Like Electronic Media, Music in Pakistan is urban oriented. Its promotion is noticeable only in metropolitan cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Almost more than 65% of population of Pakistan is rural based where the exposure to music seems to be invisible. With special reference to the rural areas of the former Bahawalpur Province, it is really worth-mentioning that here an individual having melodious voice is not more than a mere entertainer who has to oblige his feudal lord. Due to conservative approach of feudal and educationally deprived community, his talent is restricted to the village only. He is never approached by any musician or promoter who can make his voice audible to music listeners all over the country. The launching of musical set ups (Academy and Studio) in this region having an average population of 12.5 million people will be an audacious step which will, without any shadow of doubt, give a boost to our talented youth to come forward in order to prove themselves.
4- Social Constraints
Very rare work is being done in the former Bahawalpur Province to promote music as mostly the families have a misconception about music as they think that people of respected families should not adopt this as their profession due to which the cream of our passionate music lovers cannot concretize their love for music by entering in it. We can change this traditional concept by launching awareness raising campaigns through electronic as well as print media. An organizational musical set up is extremely required to provide encouraging atmosphere for the musicians. More over musical competitions can be held from time and again in which influentials as well as people from different walks of life can be invited.
5- Religious Limitations
Religious Fanatics of our society are not in favour of promoting musical activities as they are of the opinion that music is strictly prohibited by our religion. They must be mobilized on the idea that music is the demonstration of life through musical instruments as poetry and painting express life through words and colours respectively. And that the Creator has not created anything which is lacking musical effect, for instance melodious voice of cuckoo and water-fall. Heart beat is a very practical example of rhythm without which music is incomplete. There is a dire need to establish such a forum in the former Bahawalpur Province (the South Punjab Region) which should invite people from all socio-cultural and religious belongings to be its members. The forum can facilitate and encourage the promotion of musical activities within the region.
6- Exclusion from Curriculum
It is also note-worthy that music is not the part of our curriculum which not only keeps the people away from artistic fervor but also gives air to the misconception that music is something obnoxious and that the nobles should get away from such a detestable thing.
During the past few decades, music has been introduced as a subject in different institutions which has given a boost to our music culture. Moreover in NCA and Punjab University, Even Graduation and Masters have been started in Music. If such is implemented in the former Bahawalpur Province, It can be proved a very fruitful step in the promotion of music in this region. In this regards, the institutions after their establishment can be affiliated with the University. After doing graduation or masters in music, the individuals will feel honored and will be considered among the educated community thus eliminating the conservative and conventional concepts related with the music.

Concluding remarks:
If the above discussed facilities regarding promotion of music are provided to the former Bahawalpur Province (the South Punjab Region), the time is not far behind when the talented youth of this region will prove its mettle in front of the whole world which will ultimately bring prosperity to the country.

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