Press Freedom Monitoring Workshop Press Club Liaquatpur District Rahimyar Khan May 13,2009

Liaquatpur (Rural Pakistan) May 13, Rural Media Network Pakistan with the collaboration of Electronic Media Correspondents Association Liaquatpur organized One day Press Freedom Monitoring Workshop in the premises of Press Club Liaquat Pur .President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar, educationist Ziaur Rehman Naeem and senior jounalists Ghaznafar Ahmed Sial, Waheed Rushdi, Habibiur Rehman Marral and Mian Shahid Javed were the resource persons. President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar told the participants that ‘ The aim of this workshop is to establish an effective network of journalists to monitor and defend freedom of expression. The workshop examined forms of harassment faced by rural journalists in small towns and villages with a view to determining effective methods through which individual journalist, journalists organizations and press clubs could monitor attacks on press freedom, and support journalists and media organizations that have been victimised. Participants were also informed on how to deal with situation of violation of freedom of press not merely in their area ,but also elsewhere in the country. A session focussed on how to start or join an ongoing provincial or national campaign to draw, government public attention to the issues at hand. President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar provided a comprehensive understanding of the international and national basis for freedom of expression as well as constraints to exercising this right. He cited the examples for monitoring of freedom of expression while emphasis was placed on the development of practical guidelines for monitoring and investigating violations of freedom of expression. He responded the volley of questions of the participants and presented six books on TV Journalism published by International Center for Journalists USA in Urdu to Electronic Media Correspondents Association Liaquatpur members Ghanzafar Ahmed Sial, (Aaj TV) Taj Ghaus( Royal TV),ZianulAbideen(Duniya)Waheed Rushdi(Din)and Haji Mohd Abdullah (Express). Simialarly he distributed UNESCO CD “Education Makes News’ to sixteen journalists, Shafqat Mehmood, Zubair Hassan, Haji Mohd Abdullah Javed, Mian Shahid Javed, Waheed Aslam Ruhdi, ZainulAbid Naheed, HabiburRehman Habib, Jumma Khan Anjum, Syed Hussnein Bukhari, Taj Ghaus, Wafa Saleem Taskeen, Rashad Shaheen Chuhan, Haji Abdul Rauf Kharal, Syed Ziauddin Naeem, Zulfikar Ahmed and Ghaznafar Ahmed Sial. A press freedom monitoring committee headed by senior journalist Ghaznafar Ahmed Sial was also constituted in this workshop.


Liaquatpur. President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar conducting Press Freedom Monitoring Workshop in Press Club Liaquatpur.

Liaquatpur. Principal Ziauddin of Syed Public School giving ICFJ TV journalism Urdu training manuals to TV Correspondents Ghazanafar Ahmed Sial, Mian Shahid Javed, Taj Ghaus, Haji Abdullah, Waheed Rushdi and ZainulAbideen.

Liaquatpur: President RMNP Ehsan Ahmed Sehar giving UNESCO CDs Education Makes News to Ziauddin Neem, President Press Club Mehar Abdul Waheed Sial, General Secretary Habibur Rehman Habib, Shafqat Mehmood and other journalists in the books distribution ceremony held in Press Club Laiquatpur, District Rahimyar Khan

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