PFUJ will hold country wide protest on Monday

President PFUJ Rana Muhammad Azeem and Secretary General Amin Yousuf have demanded the Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Shaukat and PEMRA to take action on the suicide incident of a Royal TV employee Imran Ahmad Khan after he was refused his four months pending salary by employer Royal TV in Lahore
Imran Ahmad Khan a technical worker (NLE) of Raoyal TV committed suicide on Thursday last on issue of nonpayment of salaries. He recorded his message before suicide that Raoyal TV management will be responsible for his death. He had a stroke and came across attack of paralysis in the office when He was terminated from the job while demanded his 4 months pending salary. He was admitted in the hospital by his family but could not absorb the pressure and was forced to commit suicide.
“We will hold a country wide protest on Monday over the incident and file a case against the employer organization,” Azeem said.
The PFUJ President and Secretary General added that they had protested against the same organization some months ago over the issue of nonpayment of salaries of workers.
“There are few media organisations in the country who were not paying regular salaries to their workers but earning millions. We have reminded the information ministry time and again to tackle the issue and register cases against such employers. We again demand the PEMRA and information minister to look into the issue and not only take action against Royal TV also against others as well so that journalists’ community could work with peace of mind,” PFUJ officials demanded.
Source: PFUJpfuj

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