PFUJ, KUJ reject move to put ban on TV channels

The Karachi Union of Journalists will resist every sort of attempt
from the government, the Pemra or from any other quarter to put any
sort of ban on electronic media.
In a resolution adopted unanimously at the annual general council of
the KUJ, it was stated that the journalist community would thwart any
such attempt from any quarter which is aimed at suspending
transmission of channels, or taking any sort of action against them in
the backdrop of Islamabad incident which made the channels to
broadcast the transmission live.
In another statement, the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ)
President Pervaiz Shaukat and General Secretary Amin Yusuf rejected
the move to put any sort of ban and declared that they would utilise
all methods of peaceful protest if any sort of ban was imposed
They stated that the PFUJ history shows that it had remained steadfast
against all sorts of oppression by the dictators in the past, and they
were forced to withdraw their decisions.
Similarly, the PFUJ would not tolerate any sort of ban which is aimed
at curbing the freedom of expression, and people’s right to know.
Any method or any attempt which is aimed at curbing the media would be
thwarted by the PFUJ with the unity of journalists community.
The annual general council was also addressed by PFUJ General
Secretary Amin Yusuf, KUJ President G M Jamali, KUJ General Secretary
Fahim Siddiqui, and other senior journalists. The meeting also
approved the annual report  of the KUJ.

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