PFUJ condemns suspension of BOL News transmission by PEMRA

SLAMABAD—Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has strongly condemned the suspension of BOL News transmission by PEMRA without any notice or warning.

PFUJ President Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary-General Nasir Zaidi, in a joint statement, said that it is “illegal, unlawful and without any jurisdiction” of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority as BOL News transmission has been suspended without any notice to channel.

They said the channel should have served a notice instead of using illegal methods like secretly suspending transmission through cable operators. “It is against the freedom of press and expression and set norms,” they said.

PFUJ leadership urged the government to restore the transmission and follow the rules and regulations immediately.

The two leaders said that such actions of PEMRA cause financial losses to the media industry, which ultimately affect media persons.

Source: Journalism Pakistan   

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