PFUJ condemns hooliganism, police action in Okara Press Club

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has condemned hooliganism at Okara Press Club by a bunch of so-called media persons and its closure by local police.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, PFUJ President Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary General Nasir Zaidi said that the local police, at the behest of district police officer, threatened the elected body of the press club instead of controlling the elements that were creating troubles there.

The two leaders of the PFUJ demanded that the local police should have immediately arrested those who created disturbance there, asking the local police to stop being partial. They also demanded that the press club be reopened immediately, asserting that the police had no legal and moral authority to shut down the club or seal it. The two leaders warned the local police against harassing and threatening the elected body of the press club, asking the Punjab government to take action against the police officials that closed down the press club and hurled threats at the body.

Source: The news


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