Pemra releases its annual performance report

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has released its annual report for financial years 2015-18, citing a survey, it said that 65 percent watch cable television, 25 percent are terrestrial viewers while only 09 percent have access to media through satellite dishes.
Section 17 of Pemra (Amendment) Act-2007 ordains compilation and submission of an annual report for each financial year to the president of Pakistan and to arrange for its publication and circulation to the media and public. This report is a consolidated review of the authority’s performance during the financial years 2015-18.
The consolidated report says that Pemra has so far issued 88 licences for indigenous satellite TV. Of this 37 licences are of entertainment category, 26 news & current affairs, 18 Regional category, 04 educational TV, 01 Health, 01 Sports and 01 Agro TV channel licences have been issued. Besides, 35 Landing rights permissions have been issued to off-shore channels.
Similarly, 4,060 cable TV, 06 MMDS, 04 IPTV, 05 Mobile TV and 01 mobile audio licences have been issued by Pemra which are contributing remarkably as catalyst of socio-political change in the society.
The report states that new vistas have opened up for investment and employment in the broadcast sector. To a safer estimate, this buoyant sector has observed cumulative investment of about $7.0 billion in distinct forms and has created employment for more than 500,000 people of diversified qualification and skills.
“If this speedy trend continued, it is estimated that the cumulative investment would enhance manifold by the year 2019-20. Thus the direct and indirect employment would tend to increase. This growth has paved for opportunities in allied businesses like production houses, advertising agencies, music and performing arts that unprecedented,” Pemra says.
On operational account, Pemra report says that 618 show cause notices and warnings were issued to TV channels for violating the Code of Conduct 2015 devised for the electronic media. As a punishment, 25 programmes / advertisements were banned, licences of 13 TV channels were suspended and fine of Rs106.53 million was imposed.
Pemra inspected 18,494 cable TV networks during the period and 1,967 systems were seized. Penalties worth Rs13.656 million were imposed. Nearly 80 foreign channels in various genre being run illegally on cable networks were stopped.
The authority’s enforcement teams, in coordination with FIA and Customs Intelligence, seized 11,651 illegal Indian DTH and C-Line apparatus in Pakistan, 386 warehouse hoarding this illegal equipment were seized and FIRs were registered against 13 smugglers indulged in illegal
business. This report substantiates that electronic media today has emerged as one of the fastest growing and competitive sectors in Pakistan. It is presumed that this report will provide insight to readers about Pemra’s performance, initiatives, regulatory challenges and emerging trends & technologies in the field of electronic media in Pakistan.
The President of Pakistan, who was presented the report the other day, hailing Pemra’s effort, laid emphasis on making this report a regular annual feature to keep abreast all stakeholders about regulatory initiatives and their micro & macro-economic impact on national landscape. The president said that Pemra’s vision should encapsulate future targets to be achieved and measures must be taken to build confidence between the regulator and stakeholders.
The president stressed upon the Authority to take all necessary measures under the law for promotion of local art, culture, sports and education. He urged that media through Public Service Messages and programmes can play a pivotal role in educating masses. The president also expressed that Pemra and media to play its role in discouraging fake news.
Source : The Newspemra

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