Pemra directs TV channels to ensure Ramazan sanctity

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has instructed all TV channels to strictly observe the sanctity of Ramazan while airing talk shows and other programmes.

The authority has issued a set of guidelines for the electronic media and emphasised promotion of religious amity and mutual respect during the month. It said that during the holy month, various programmes are telecast for maximum benefit and virtues of viewers but it has been observed in recent few years that for the sake of rating, TV channels have started shows, apparently without any script or editorial control. And this trend is tantamount to tarnishing social, moral and religious values, the authority noted.

“In the light of complaints and suggestions given by viewers, TV channels are timely directed to abide by the code of conduct; otherwise, the violators will face a strict action”. Pemra emphasized that the prime objective of content during the month of fasting should be for promotion of religious harmony and sectarian amity and only correct information should be shared with the viewers.

It said human rights and personal dignity should be kept in mind during programmes and participants should not be forced or motivated for staging dance, singing songs or doing any other objectionable activity.

Similarly, the authority emphasised that during the distribution of prices and giving away of gifts, insulting attitude should not be meted out to guests or participants of programmes like tossing or throwing gifts towards people. The authority contended that needless spending and commercialism should be avoided and the code of conduct enforced by the Supreme Court should be followed in letter and spirit.

Source : The Newspemra-logo

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