Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists-Dastoor’s, Karachi Press Club term Pakistan Media Development Authority unconstitutional

KARACHI: Leaders of various journalist bodies at a seminar held at Karachi Press Club on Thursday completely rejected the government proposal to create a new authority – Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA) – to regulate the entire spectrum of the country’s media sectors and termed it government’s efforts to restrict freedom of expression.

Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists-Dastoor’s (PFUJ-D) Secretary Sohail Afzal, Karachi Press Club (KPC) Secretary Rizwan Bhatti, Secretary social media and former KPC Secretary Arman Sabir, Karachi Union of Journalists-Dastoor President Rashid Aziz, KUJ’s Secretary Hasan Abass, KPC former secretary Aamir Latif and leaders of other media bodies spoke to a seminar held at the KPC. PFUJ-D in collaboration of KPC organised the seminar.

Speakers reiterated the journalist fraternity’s stance of rejecting the proposed PMDA vehemently and termed the concept “unconstitutional” and a move to “muzzle the freedom of press and expression by imposing state control” to regulate all media platforms under one central body.

They said that that the proposed PMDA is designed to further tighten the grip of the government on all forms of media that include not just print and electronic but also internet and digital media, and even films and drama now. They vowed to continue to protest its establishment of PMDA.

Source: The News

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