Media wing established to lead digital diplomacy

ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Wednesday took a major step to promote national narrative and counter anti-state propaganda by establishing a digital media wing under the administration of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Pakistan has stepped up for strengthening the national narrative on the international level and a digital media wing under the administration of the information ministry.

After getting the approval from Prime Minister Imran Khan, the digital media wing commenced a campaign for promoting the national narrative.

The newly-established wing will perform tasks as a strategic unit to promote counter-narrative against the propaganda running from inside and outside the country.

Moreover, the services of the digital media wing will be utilized for spotting fake news and offer facts besides advertising the positive image of Pakistan on national and international levels.

It will also highlight the achievements of the federal government related to economic and social matters.

All governmental social media accounts including Prime Minister’s Office will be handled by the wing.

The federal government contacted the administration of social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter, to complete the verification of accounts of the federal ministers and different ministries which will ensure the provision of reliable reports.

Source: Pakistan Today


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