Lawyers beat reporters, citizens

beatLAHORE: Before marching towards the Punjab Institute of Cardiology on Wednesday, lawyers gathered at GPO Chowk and tortured media representatives and several citizens.
The lawyers chased away reporters and tortured reporters — Ahmad Faraz, Salim Shaikh, Hasnain Chaudhry, Hasan Hafeez, Nadeem Chaudhry, Ali Sahi, Burhanuddin, cameraman Ramzan Malik and woman journalist Ambar Qureshi. They also thrashed citizens who tried to record their violence on their cellphones.
Lahore Press Club President Arshad Ansari, SVP Zulfiqar Mehtu, Secretary Zahid Abid, and all other office bearers and members of the governing body denounced torture of journalists. They demanded action against the lawyers responsible for hooliganism. They said that if the president of Lahore Bar Association did not take action against lawyers involved in torture of journalists, a strategy would be devised for justice.

Source : The News International

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