‘King’s party’ behind PTV attack: Qadri

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri alleged Nawaz Sharif-led government for attacking the Pakistan Television (PTV) building a few days ago.
“The government itself conspired to attack PTV,” Qadri said. He accused that PML-N lawmaker Marvi Memon and PTV managing director were involved in the entire trespassing and encroaching of the PTV headquarters building.
Addressing his workers, the PAT chief accused the rulers of attacking the state-run TV. He alleged that employees of PTV were also involved in the attack.
“Why 2,000 policemen were removed from the PTV headquarter? Qadri questioned. He went on to ask who closed four closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) of PTV.
“An engineer who works at PTV has put off air transmission of the television,” Qadri said while talking about the engineer whose image was published by various newspapers to identify the attackers.
The PAT chief claimed that the government was planning to launch a crackdown against the sit-in participants.
“We will retaliate and teach the ruling regime a good lesson if the law enforcement agencies will use force against the peaceful protestors,” Qadri cautioned.
Qadri said that had the PAT workers stormed the PTV building the outcome would have been a total chaos. He said his party did not intend to destabilise the state institutions.
Criticising prevalent VVIP culture in the country, Qadri asserted that the ruling regime had fostered a culture of VIPs.
“The residential accommodations of the rulers are better even to the forts and palaces of the monarchs.”
He accused the ruling regime for exploiting the taxpayer’s money for their personal benefit and pleasure.
Qadri alleged that respect for the ruling regime could be judged by the fact that “the flood affectees at Sukkar stopped the car of the Sindh chief minister from visiting the affected areas”. Qadri also said, “A lady in Jhang pelted her slippers at the Punjab chief minister… Revolution march has empowered the people to stand firm in front of rulers.”
About the accomplishment of his mission, the renowned scholar reiterated his stance that revolution was approaching and the incumbent regime would soon be thrown out.
“Revolution began in courts and a lot more is to be done now,” he added.
Source : Daily Times

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