Keeping account secure: Facebook issues guidelines for Pakistani users

KARACHI: Facebook has issued guidelines on account safety for Pakistani users to be more vigilant in protecting their personal data. Users can utilize security checkup to review and add more safety to their account. Security check-up will help them to log out of Facebook from unused browsers and apps. The users haven’t used in a while or forgot about, so they are only logged into Facebook on the devices and browsers they approve.

Facebook has recommended the customers to turn on the login alerts which will notify or send email if someone tries to log into their account from an unfamiliar device or browser.

Users have been asked not to use their Facebook password anywhere else online and never share it with anyone.

Two-factor authentication is an industry best practice for providing additional account security. It provides an extra security step whenever user login from a new device. Facebook will send a notification or email with a special code to complete the login process.

Newspaper: BusinessRecorder


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